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Sunshing International ( HK ) Limited established in 2006 in Hong Kong. We have been authorized to be the general agency handling marketing in China mainland and Hong Kong for AeroVironment Inc regarding PCTS products.

AeroVironment Inc ( AV ) produces power cycling test systems ( PCTS ) for EV/HEV, especially the battery modules and/or packs, no matter lithium battery, super capacitor, or fuel cell, and etc.  AV developed this kind of huge power test equipment because they could not find such test equipment when cooperated with GM in the R&D of the first E-car in the world, which named EV1 since 1989. The first PCTS ABC-150 went to work in 1994. It is still working now. The first AV-900 was produced about 10 year ago and is still working. Now there are quite a few models PCTS covering the test range from small battery module to big bus, backup power station, with output DC power from 30KW to 800KW.

AV keeps on expanding product range to meet the various requirements appearing in future. If you are in the relative business area of EV/HEV, you are welcome to contact us for more and detailed information.